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Horizontal Chiller Filling Station (HC-120-FS)

This wagon-mounted, towable, chiller-style hydration system (aka water cow) features the patented 4-spigot Filling Station for Through-the-lid(TM) bottle-filling.  Requires drinking water source at or near the desired deployment location; System connects to a water source via a standard size garden hose or recommended sanitary RV hose sold separately; part no. SH-50.  
System features:

  • 120-quart Igloo ice chest houses the chiller coils you cover with ice and chills the water as it runs through the copper and up into the dual manifolds;
  • 24 Through-the-Lid™ bottles and 4 collapsible bottle carriers;
  • Integrated adjustable-height work shelf for bottles and other supplies;
  • 50’ Sanitary Drinking Hose;
  • In-line STERAMINE(R) Strainer with 150-count bottle of STERAMINE(R) Sani-Tabs to sanitize the system;
  • Custom-formed, plate-aluminum wagon with 10” flat-free, caster-style wheels;
  • 8 direct hydration nozzles with anti-microbial-treated Safety Spouts;
  • Schedule80 PVC manifolds encased in custom-formed aluminum sleeves;
  • Ships fully assembled