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Power Hydration Systems

Waterboy Sports Power Systems are pressurized by an on-board 12volt, 2.9gpm pump housed in a removable Power Pack with a rechargeable 12volt battery. 
  • Horizontal, wagon-mounted hydration systems are towable and feature 55-gallon tanks on all-aluminum wagons with flat-free wheels and our Heavy-duty Tow Arm and have 8 drinking nozzles.
  • Vertical (upright) systems have 23-gallon tanks mounted on customized 2-wheel dollies and have 6 drinking nozzles.
  • Both configurations include a 2-year parts & workmanship warranty and ship assembled (Vertical system needs handle and tires installed).
  • Available accessories include Work Shelves, Drinking Bottles and Misting Towers
  • Due to wide variances in freight costs (based on distance & receiving location and are not included in price) systems cannot be ordered online. Please call 407.869.9881 or 888.442.6269(TF) or email for a quote on system and freight.

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Horizontal Power Cooler 120 (HP-C120)


Horizontal Power Cooler 120 Filling Station (HP-C120-FS)


Vertical Power Filling Station (VPM-FS)


Horizontal Power Model (HPM-T-G2)


Horizontal Power Filling Station (HPM-FS)


Vertical Power Model (VPM-T-G2)