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About Flexi - Fountain

Generation 2 Flexi-Fountain is perfect for event-based drinking needs because...:
  • Serves 6:     6 low-profile drinking bubblers, spaced 32inches apart, provide ample room for drinkers.
  • Portable:     Light weight design and 2 flat-free wheels allow anyone able to lift 20lbs to move the Flexi-Fountain Gen2.
  • Easy Storage:     Designed to fit through a standard 30inch doorway.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly:     You can also easily disassemble Flexi-Fountain Gen2 to take up less space for storage or vehicle transport.
  • Hygienic:     Connected to a drinking water spigot, Flexi-Fountain Gen2 becomes an extension of the municipal water system.
  • ADA-compliant:     Re-designed to meet Federal ADA Requirements.
  • Durable:     Molded Splash Pan, residential-grade PVC water distribution manifold and aluminum undercarriage.
  • Clean:     The built-in drain connects to a drain hose to transport excess water away from the Flexi-Fountain Gen2 to keep the area dry.
  • Environmentally Friendly:     No cups or bottles to clean up and take up land-fill space.