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About Us

Like most innovations, Waterboy Sports sprang from the phrase "There HAS to be a better way to..", but in our case that statement was finished with "..keep these athletes hydrated!"  On that watershed day in the mid 1990's our founder, Jack Brown, began a 20-year journey of innovation.  His formula was straight-forward, get input from athletic trainers, coaches and athletes about what they need and design systems that meet those needs.  That approach led to the industry-leading hydration systems we manufacture today and continues as we design systems for other sports and industries.

Being an inventor at heart, Jack wanted to continue turning his product ideas into reality but knew he could not do that and give the Waterboy Sports brand the attention it needed, at the same time.  Jack's loyalty to the employees that helped him build Waterboy Sports required him to ensure that he turned the reins over to someone who would continue what he'd started.  So it was that on July 1st 2013 he turned the Waterboy Sports brand over to Bob Mercer, a long-time friend and advisor to Waterboy Sports, Debbie Bowers, Waterboy Sports' Controller and Bob's son, Daniel Mercer, who had been Waterboy Sports' Production Manager for the previous 2 years.

Bob, Debbie and Daniel are honored by Jack's trust and dedicated to providing the best hydration systems available.

Meet Hydro and Harley!

Hydro is Waterboy's original public persona.  He joined the Waterboy family as a little pup and now that he's almost 15 years old, he spends most of his time dreaming about the early days of Waterboy Sports, going to the office every day and riding with Debbie to get lunch (and the occassional people snack).  Harley joined the family about 7 years ago and has taken over Hydro's duties.